identify the role of the manager in the management of human resources

Upon completion of module 6 the student will be able to identify the role of the manager in the management of human resources AND meet course outcome #1,#2,and #3.

Course outcomes:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of theories and principles of leadership, administration, and management as they apply to mid-level nursing or health care administrative practice.

2. Describe professional nursing standards that influence management practice and the role of nurse managers.

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3. Analyze the social changes and trends that influence mid-level management in health care settings.

1. Liebler, J. G and C. R. McConnell. (2012). Management Principles for Health Professionals (6th ed.). Jones and Bartlett Publishers Sudbury, MA Chapter 14

Primary Post: Please review an article from a respected, peer reviewed nursing or management journal on an important human resource issue and present the findings to your colleagues. The purpose of this discussion is to highlight important legal and ethical issues we need to be prepared to manage.

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