humanities quiz writing 1

Respond to the categories that are listed below. Give at least 4 complex (well-thought-out) sentences per reading. You may use your textbook for this exam.

a) Booker T. Washington’s life and what it was like as a slave (from Up From Slavery)–4 sentences, 20 points

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b) How Booker T. Washington felt about education (Up From Slavery)–4 sentences, 20 points

c) Four things (events and/or people) that shaped Booker T. Washington’s life the most (Up From Slavery)–4 sentences, 20 points

d) Four things that W.E.B. DuBois felt were important to help Black people (Souls of Black Folk)–4 sentences, 20 points

e) Four things he felt were harmful or problematic for Black people (Souls of Black Folk)–4 sentences, 20 points

f) The main themes/ideas in each of the Paul Laurence Dunbar poems that you read.–4 sentences per poem, 100 points (20 points per poem) Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poems: “Sympathy,” “We Wear the Mask,” “A Negro Love Song” and “The Debt” , “A Golden Day”, and “Little Brown Baby”

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