Human Subjects Protection

 Human Subjects Protection


Assignment Prompt

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Evidence based research involving human subjects requires that researchers be cognizant of and adhere to the important tenets necessary to protect subjects from abuse, harm, injury, and/or other undesirable outcomes resulting from the research process.  Based on this fact,

Write a minimum of 2 pages (Title page and Reference not included in page count) of an APA formatted paper answering the following questions with a minimum of 3 “short” sentences for each questions

a. Historical background of human subjects protection?

b. Find and discuss at least one historical incident of human subjects abuse in research and what human right was violated.

c. What steps will you take to minimize risks on human subjects?

d. What populations are considered vulnerable populations and why?

e. What are appropriate ways to recruit subjects?

f. How would you properly obtain consent?

g. What are the elements of a properly executed consent?

h. What committees are responsible for monitoring the protection of human subjects?




Initial Post:


a. Write Minimum of 3 “short” sentences to answer each question


b. Citations: APA format with intext citations (a minimum of 2)


c. References: minimum 2 high-level scholarly references within the last 5 years in APA format.



d. Plagiarism free.


e. Turnitin receipt.


f. Length: Minimum of 2 pages, title page and References not included in page count

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