hhs497 week2 ethical dilemmas and portfolium

Week 2

Discussion 1

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Ethical Dilemmas

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, review the MHHS Case Study and the two required chapters from the Knapp, VandeCreek, and Fingerhut book, Practical Ethics for Psychologists: A Positive Approach: Foundations of Ethical Behavior and Ethical Decision Making.

Identify a minimum of one ethical dilemma that you have identified in the MHHS case study. Discuss the challenges you would face as a human services provider when dealing with this issue. How would you overcome these challenges? As you respond to this question consider how you would deal with this issue based on your future role in a human services organization. If you plan a direct service route vs. a leadership route how does this impact how you would approach the issue? Your post should contain a minimum of 400 words.


Discussion 2 (For this discussion you will focus on step 2: second, third, and fourth bullet


Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, review the Portfolium materials listed below. Throughout this course you will build a personal electronic portfolio or “ePortfolio.” The ePortfolio tool will help you track your professional and academic progress. Once you graduate, it can also be used to demonstrate your skills and competencies to potential employers and the professional community.

Your ePortfolio will be developed and hosted using Portfolium, the ePortfolio tool this university uses. As an Ashford student, not only will you have access to Portfolium during your time at Ashford, but you will retain lifetime unlimited access after leaving the university, without fees or capacity limit.

For this activity, you begin developing your ePortfolio by creating an account using Portfolium. Use can also use the Portfolium button on your classroom left navigation to access Portfolium.

If you already have a Portfolium account, skip to Step 2.

Step 2: Initial Discussion Post

*Share the link to your Portfolium in your initial post.

*Discuss how you might use Portfolium to showcase your best work, help you obtain a job, and /or to highlight career achievements.

*Discuss how your Portfolium can demonstrate your ability to deliver social and community services in health and human services or human services leadership. How could you demonstrate your ability to ensure ethical practices?

*Your post should contain a minimum of 200 words.

My career of choice is Guidance Counselor

See attachments

Please answer both separately

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