herbalife case study

Answer each of the following questions as they pertain to the attached Herbalife case study. Each question must be answered with a minimum of 350 words and use a minimum of three references for the assignment. There is no need for a cover page nor a reference page. Please add the particular reference following each individual question.

The Herbalife Case is attached and can be found on pages 71-81

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(1) In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case. What were William Ackman’s accusations against Herbalife? Why are multilevel compensation plans often confused with illegal pyramid schemes?

(2) Assume that you are a part of Herbalife’s top management team responsible for responding to these accusations. Craft a response.

(3) Compare Herbalife to BurnLounge discussed in the case. What are the key differences between the two companies?

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