healthcare data

The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on how technology assists with the management of health care data to improve services and outcomes. This is a reflective paper that is intended to be completed after you have successfully completed Tableau VLAB Activity 3.

In a 750–1,000 word reflective essay, discuss how health information technology assists with the management of health data. Include the following in your essay:

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  1. Describe the two online databases you worked with in VLab.
  2. Describe how you utilized health information technologies, applications, tools, processes, and structures to manage health data.
  3. Which specific analytics technologies are utilized most often by health care organizations?
  4. Analyze and interpret the data from the Tableau VLab and explain how the data can be used to improve health care services and health-related outcomes and promote wellness among populations?

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelinesAPA Style

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