health questions 9

First. it should be finish by 16 hours after accepting my assignment.

Post a picture, chart, graph, illustration, or news article from your own environment (country, work, research, clinical practice, or daily life) that illustrates the connection between local and global health. In your own words, describe to us how local health and global health are connected through this example.

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Second. you have all your time to complete it.

Continue using the MAPP Model to develop your Public Health Program for your Final Project. Write up a brief summary of your Evaluation Plan and then build on your Logic Model by including your plan for evaluation. Be sure to include both Qualitative and Quantitative assessments.

-When Focusing the Evaluation Design, be sure to:

A-Define the Purpose and Users of your evaluation results.

B-Consider the stage of development, program intensity and logistics and resources.

C-Review options for evaluation design, making sure the evaluation fits the evaluation questions.

This is my Health Program for Final Project.

Obesity may not be seen by some as a serious illness and may cause many illnesses or death. Obesity is a chronic disease which in turn may affect the digestive system in humans and reduce the age of a person. There are studies says” Overweight and obesity are chronic diseases with behavioral origins that can be traced back to childhood”. And I feel that we need to protect the old people from the risk of this disease and provide the necessary health care to avoid getting obese because obesity is more common for heart disease or death.

World Health Organization shows that cases of obese conditions among people are rising and hence, many people are affected either positively or negatively. For instance, studies indicate that by 2016, approximately 1.9 billion people above the age of 18 years were found to be overweight, where 650 million of the totals were obese. More than 13% of the total people with obesity are at their old age. 11% of them are men, while 15% are women showing an increasing number since 1975. Obesity is caused by a lack of exercise that is facilitated by the forms of works and changing means of transport nowadays. Diet is another cause where environmental condition plays a significant role in the changes. From the 2017 data given, the population of the obese people in Georgia State is 11.4% of the adult people (Loh, 2018).

The health program is indented to solve the problem by preventing the disease rather than curing it. Information from the research indicates an increase in the patient’s numbers with obesity in the US who are 65 years and above. The solution will be achieved by creating awareness to the public on the ways they can use to fight obesity from their life before it attacks them. Therefore, some of the solutions offered by the program include the diet people are preferring and how it can be adjusted to ensure that they do not get obese. Exercise and behavior modifications are other areas where the people should regulate in their fight against obesity as indicated by the program (Volpe,2016).

The purpose of developing the program is to come up with a solution that will ensure that patients in Georgia State who are living with obesity change their lives and behavior so that they can control the health problem by reaching every member of the society who is affected.

Program Goals

-To improve the quality of life of the people living with obesity
-To reduce the cases of increased deaths among people who are suffering from obesity

-The survival rate of people who are suffering from obesity will increase due to the change in the eating habits of the people and behavior change.

-To prevent the spread of obesity among the aging population in the State of Georgia

Inputs: AFRI Childhood Obesity Prevention Challenge Area, Computers, Doctors, Funding resource.


– Activities.Advocating for choosing a healthy diet, creating awareness on the purchase and sale of food that is safe for human consumption, creating awareness to fight obesity.

Participation. Young people, Community, Public.


Short. Create of awareness in public areas, exercise, and behavior modifications, before the end of the first year in operation, the program will reach more than half of its target population and share information with them on obesity as a health problem.

Medium. Ensuring diet does not cause obesity among the people, after a year, the patients suffering from obesity and overweight will be advised to practice more exercise and improve their eating habits.

Long. prevent the disease rather than curing it, preparing them for safe adult age, by the end of five years, the people planning on the program will increase the number of programs associated with the control of obesity from this one to three programs

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