GCU Health and Medical Discussion

please respond to the following discussion post as a peer commenting. The organization that I work for makes very efficient use of its resources. All hospital facilities across our division are very standardized; from processes to software used, and even the color of scrubs worn by personnel in each department. Our quality improvement process is very data-driven. We have committees and teams that analyze and present relevant data through quarterly, monthly, and daily meetings; Radiation Safety Committee, Outpatient Excellence Committee, and daily safety huddles to name a few. Goals and expected patient outcomes are clearly defined and the data is generated through reports which allow for departments and facilities to identify if they are meeting the standards or not. Data dashboards also allow for facilities to compare their progress across the division and evaluate health care trends in the region.

Our organization uses the standardization mechanism of quality improvement through systematic methods and behavior aligned with evidence on sound practice (Berwick et al., 2021) often using strategies such as a plan-do-study-act cycle. Research plays a large role in the “plan” and “study” phases by gathering data to plan a strategy and evaluating how the data changes after the “do” phase. I think this approach is often a safe way to make small incremental changes toward a specific goal and mitigates potential risk if the implemented changes fail. The incremental changes may require more time to reach the desired end goal, however, it safeguards against any major unforeseen failures of any changes made to the process.

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