I- Create a separate profile page. 5pts


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II- Record your daily food intake for 7 days by using NutritionCalc Plus (McGraw Hill Education)

Reports needed: 25pts

1) Recommendation report

2) Bar graph report

3) MyPlate report

4) Food list report

5) Calorie assessment report

III- Make one paragraph for each of the following 12 nutrients (at least 500 words total for all 12 paragraphs). 60pts

1- Carbohydrates

2- Proteins

3- Lipids- Saturated %, Monounsaturated %, and Polyunsaturated %

4- Fiber

5- Sodium

6- Calcium

7- Potassium

8- Iron

9- Zinc

10- Vitamin A

11- Vitamin C

12- Vitamin D

A- Definition, function, or importance of the nutrient.

B- Discuss your dietary state; above, below or normal (how much was the range for each nutrient above)

C- If you are not in range state, what are the specific risks of being deficient or in excess. If you are in normal range state, what are the benefits.

IV– Food log reflection (at least 200 words). 10pts

How do you plan to maintain or improve your health by changing your diet and/or exercise (do not use supplements as recommendation)?

Format: 1-inch left margins on all sides, double-spaced, paragraphs, and Times New Roman with 12 Font size.

Project is due April 19

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