first week assignments introduction to medical terminology and the human body in health and disease this class is a very interesting and necessary class most of the words that are used in medicine come from the latin and the greek with the advancement 2

First Week Assignments:

Introduction to Medical Terminology and The Human Body in Health and Disease. This class is a very interesting and necessary class. Most of the words that are used in Medicine come from the Latin and the Greek. With the advancement of medical and scientific knowledge, medical language changes. Some words are discarded, the meanings of others are altered, and new words are added.
Most medical terms built from word parts consist of some or all of the following components: Word roots, Suffixes, Prefixes, and Combining forms.
It is important to review the “Double R” Suffixes, the Unusual Plural Forms, and some abbreviations are necessary to be known.
Every hospital or medical facility use their own abbreviations.
The structure of the human body falls into the following four categories: cells, tissues, organs, and systems. Each structure is a highly organized unit of smaller structures.
Anatomic reference systems are used to describe the location and function of body parts. These anatomical reference systems include: Body planes, Body directions, Body cavities, and Structural units.
The principal structures of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems are reviewed during this first week.

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Please read Chapter 1: Introduction to Medical Terminology.
Please read Chapter 2: The Human Body in Health and Disease.

You have exercises at the end of every chapter and the answers are written in the Presentation Area of the Blackboard.

Please use the submission area, and do not use ATTACHMENTS as it was said in the Welcome Anouncements.

Please answer these questions:

1-The prefix meaning high is: a-Infra. b-Supra. c-Pre. d-None of the above.

2-What is the difference between otomy and ostomy?

3- Which organ system is the tricuspid valve forming part of?

4-The term meaning situated next to the point of attachment is: a-Anterior. b-Dorsal. c-Cervical. d-Proximal. e-None of the above.

5-Wrist compared with the humerus is: a-Distal. b-Inferior. c-Lateral. d-Proximal.

6-An illness without etiology is: a-Iatrogenic. b-Nosocomial. c-Idiopathic. d-Epidemic.

7-What does these abbreviations mean? “Rx” and “IM”.

8-“-rrhagia” means: a-Flow. b-Rupture. c-Discharge. d-Bleeding. e.- None of the above.

9-Abnormal liver condition is: a-Hepatoma. b-Hepatitis. c-Hepatosis. d-Hepatalgia.

10-Cytology is the study of cells like the study of tissues is: ____________________.

11-The opposite of superior is: ______________________.

12-“-arthr/o” means: a-Artery. b-Plaque. c-Joint. d-None of the above.

13-What does centesis mean?

14-The study of the Nervous System is: a-Neuralgia. b-Neuroplasty. c-Neurology.

d- None of the above.

15-A symptom is a subjective evidence of a disease but a sign is a/an: ______________.

16-Abnormal narrowing is: a-malacia. b-stenosis. c-necrosis. d- none of the above.

17-Any pathologic disease or change in a muscle is: a- Myopathy. b-Pyrosis.

c- Myelopathy. d- Gastropathy.

18-The medical term describes a tumor in the pancreas is: ________________________.

19-The surgical removal of the uterus is: ______________________________.

20-Please divide the term into its component word parts: Otorhinolaryngology. _____________________________________.

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