find an article about governance and leadership in education and write about it

For this assignment, you must share an article that deals with one of the topics we have/will cover this quarter. In doing so, you must also provide a brief overview of the article and explain why you chose this article–e.g., what makes this article stand out to you?

Your chosen article has to be posted on Canvas using this discussion board. Additionally, to get full credit for this assignment, you will need to respond/comment to at least one post from your peers. For more information on how to get all possible points for this assignment, please check our Rubric, which attached to these instructions.

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If one of your peers already posted your chosen article, you cannot duplicate it. Therefore, if you want to ensure you are first, post this assignment early.

i have attached some reading for this topic

the topic is Governance and Leadership

and this course is education.

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