explanatory synthesis essay and presentation 1

should be a 1500 words MLA paper with minimum 5 references and in text citations

and an 8-10 slides powerpoint presentation (not including title and references pages)

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Explanatory Synthesis Essay (4)

Explanatory Synthesis Essay and Presentation

Select an academic issue (from the list provided) and research the issue, including visuals for presentation. Plan an essay that synthesizes multiple perspectives on the chosen issue in an objective fashion. This essay is not an argument so you are not defending a position; do not make attempts at persuasion. Draft an essay that incorporates the research and synthesized perspectives. The essay must be 4-7 pages double-spaced (minimum 1500 words), using MLA formatting. You must include 5-7 sources found in either the library databases or Questia (in MindTap). Any additional sources from other sites must be approved by me!

You will also prepare a 5 minute presentation (using PowerPoint or Prezi) over the researched essay. The presentation must be orally narrated using a voice recorder that coordinates with the visual presentation. The presentation and the essay will be uploaded separately.

Choose one of the topics and explain it by focusing on the sub-topics listed. For example, if you choose “Social Media”, you will explain what social media is in regards to the negatives—fake news, conspiracy theories, and hate speech.

Social Media: Fake News, Conspiracy Theories, Hate Speech

Immigration: DACA, Immigration and Asylum, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Immigration Reform.

Human Rights: Homelessness, Human Trafficking, Healthcare, nutrition and food instability

Marianne Layer is the teachers name since she wants her name added on the left hand side of the front page

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