this assignment should be done kindly as follows:
1- follow the instruction in the assignment paper .
2- choose the task the supervisor choose to write about .:
My preference would be that she uses the generator lifting task as this closely aligns with the lifting of an engine in the mechanical engineering lab which students observed last year. As you describe below, I would anticipate the task being a lift from the floor and back down to its storage location.
3- write according to the following instructions :

MSc Occupational Health
Occupational Ergonomics Assignment

The marks for this assignment contribute 100% to the module.

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You are to provide a written report using information obtained on the workplace visit to consider the welding machine and associated manual handling.

Use between 1200 and 1500 words. Place your university number (and no other personal identifier) and the number of words on the cover page.

Write the report as if you were providing advice to the management team. Include references if used. Marks will be awarded for a clear demonstration of concepts and ability to apply them in a logical presentational order. Exceeding the word limit will lead to minus points; however the ergonomic results sheet, e.g. QEC, RULA,REBA may be attached as an appendix and will not contribute to the word count.

The following notes provide further explanation and the report structure below is recommended.

Report Structure
Background (10 marks)
This should be sufficient to describe the setting in which the task is performed.

Task Organisation (15 marks)
Describe the task and how it is organised.

Methodology of Assessment (10 marks)
What assessment tools did you use and how did you use them? Were the tools validated?

Results of Risk Assessment (20 marks)
• What were the good points about the way the task was designed /conducted?
• Does the task present a risk to the individuals? If yes, what type of risk?
• Is the work performed (tasks assessed) compliant with relevant legislation and good practice? If not, identify gaps.

Risk Reduction Measures (25 marks)
• What risk reduction measures do you recommend (include justification)?
• Are the recommended measures practicable, economic and suitable for this type of work environment?

Conclusion (10 marks)
A conclusion to the report.

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