Assignment 1: Review – case study
You are to write an essay/review that describes the risk assessment approaches used in each of the following two reported studies and compare and contrast the approaches undertaken and also compare to the approach used in each study with the Australian Framework for Environmental Health Risk Assessment:
• Buranatrevedh, S. 2004, ‘Cancer risk assessment of toxaphene’, Industrial Health, vol. 42, July, pp. 321-327.
• Matooane, M. & Diab, R., 2003, ‘Health risk assessment for sulphur dioxide pollution in South Durban, South Africa’, Archives of Environmental Health, Vol. 54, no. 12 (December), pp. 763-770.
Each of these reports is available electronically through the QUT Library catalogue (search for the journal name) or through the Blackboard site.
There are two key elements to this assignment:
Firstly, for each of the above reports, students are to describe in detail the hazard/issue and the approaches/methodology used to conduct the risk assessment. This discussion should follow the following headings (ie. elements/steps in the Australian Framework for Environmental Health Risk Assessment):
• Issue identification – this includes providing additional background information on why the issue assessed is a hazard (i.e. this is a mini literature review on each of the hazards that are the focus of the risk assessment) and the reasons provided for why the risk assessment was undertaken.
• Hazard identification
• Dose-response assessment
• Exposure assessment
• Risk characterisation
• Monitoring, review and evaluation
• Communication and consultation
Secondly, any strengths or limitations identified with the approaches used (or missing information from the reports) should be discussed in terms of the Australian Framework for Environmental Health Risk Assessment and you should also provide some discussion on why particular approaches may have been used in one study/assessment and not in the another (for example, this may be due to the nature of the hazard or due to specific limitations in data).
The overall intent of this assignment is that you understand the risk assessment approaches used in each of these studies and that you are able to compare these approaches to the Australian Framework for Environmental Health Risk Assessment.
The essay/review should be a maximum of 2500 words in length, excluding direct quotes, tables, diagrams and appendixes. The assignment must conform to normal academic requirements and must be correctly referenced. It should be logically structured and the use of headings and sub-headings, diagrams, tables and appendixes is encouraged. The following components are required: appropriate title and/or title page, abstract/summary, introduction, body of the report with appropriate headings and sub-headings, conclusion, reference list, and appendixes (if needed).

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