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Ch 3 & 4 Systems Engineering Landscape

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Please answer this question:

4.3 If there is a feasible and attractive concept for satisfying the requirements for a new system, state why it is important to consider other alternatives before deciding which to select for development. Describe some of the possible consequences of failing to do so.

i want a replay for this comment:

{Even, when the systems engineer has innovative ideas to meet the requirements of the project, it is important to take into account many things before entering the stage of development solutions of these things:

1. The systems engineer must have an alternative plan (plan B) through which he can switch to it as an alternative when needed.

2. The customer’s change of opinion on project requirements may cause the project to be discontinued if the systems engineer does not look for alternatives

3. The chosen estimate of the creative idea may be wrong and the systems engineer must continue to search until he finds an appropriate solution.

4- The system used in the project there may be another competing system that gives more flexibility for example the use of concrete system in construction and it is customary but many people entered new systems more advanced and less expensive and save a lot of time may make the customer turn to this system

5. When looking for alternative options, the technique used for the system may be the attractive material for the customer.

6. When looking for alternatives, the system used may reduce the risk that may occur during the project, for example, the time factor and delay in delivering the project.}

Use this book only

A. Kossiakoff W. Sweet, S. Seymour, and S. Biemer. Systems Engineering Principles and Practice, Second Edition, Wiley, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-470-40548-2

Ch 2 Systems Engineering Landscape

Please note i want answer to the question and i want a replay to the comment.

separate the answer and the replay from each other so i can copy and paste.

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