eng101 english101

Reflect on the work completed in this course and answer the following questions:

  • What were the biggest challenges you faced during the workshop process?
  • What were your greatest successes?
  • What do you still feel you need to work on as you work towards completing the final project in the course?
  • Identify one strategy you learned from the course readings that can help you improve your writing technique or writing style choices for the final project

Showing that you know and understand counterarguments to your position on a topic strengthens your argument in the eyes of your reader. It demonstrates that you have done your homework and considered all sides of an issue before establishing a position and offering a solution.

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Imagine that you have been asked to present your argument at a conference on your paper’s chosen topic. Then, imagine a few scholars in the field who disagree with your claim are present in the audience. Additionally, during a question and answer session during the conference, consider two scholars countering your paper’s position. Let your readers know what their arguments are and work to convince the audience that your position is the stronger one or that your solution is the better one. Both sides will have merit, but help your audience understand why your claim is the more logical and reasonable one.

  1. Create a PowerPoint presentation containing at least 6 slides that uses words,and images.
  2. Develop two of the strongest scholarly counterarguments against your paper’s claim (2 slides for each argument).
  3. Convince the audience that their claims are weak, based on the research you conducted (2 slides). Do not demean the opposition, call them names, or directly attack their positions. If your argument is truly the stronger one, it should stand up against fairly presented academic research.
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