Prompt: In this milestone, you will choose your EHR recommendation for the organization and share your thought process and rationale behind your choice. Use the Certified Health IT Product List (https://chpl.healthit.gov/#/search )to determine the EHR that you will recommend for the organization.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
1. Identify the certified EHR that you have chosen for this organization and justify why this EHR will best suit the organization’s needs.
2. Determine how this EHR meets CMS regulations. Support your response with examples.
3. Determine the type of EHR that you have chosen for the organization and justify how it will address the organization’s needs. Specifically, should you choose “best of breed” or “best of fit”?
4. Describe the peripherals that will maximize the functionality of this EHR. For example, does the EHR work with tablets or have mobile capabilities?

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