econ134a questions

Some problems at the end of assigned chapter in the textbook. The economics major choose me. I will provide all questions and book.

Textbook: Richard Brealey et al, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. This course provides an overview of the modern theory and practice of financial management and focuses on two fundamental financial decisions; investment as well as financing. Beginning with discounted cash flow analysis, basic theory will be applied to the valuation of stocks, bonds, and individual capital budgeting projects. Students will subsequently learn to price assets under uncertainty, including the tradeoff between risk and return, portfolio diversification and Capital Asset Pricing Model. Next, the course will address the elements involved in financing decisions, such as, capital markets, financing sources, debt and dividend policy. Finally, the course will conclude with a survey of current issues in finance, including mergers and acquisitions which require joint decisions of investment and financing.

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