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Post – 200Words.

This is on DSS and business tools such as BPM & Six Sigma…

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Below are 3 Post (A, B, C) topics, Pick one topic and expound on it. The content will come from your own experiences, observations, ideas, benefits, and/or research. Citing should be limited up to 20% of the Posts’ content. (N/A, for Reply to peers).

Post A

DSS Classifications

  • AIS SIGDSS Classification
  1. Communication-driven and group DSS
  2. Data-driven DSS
  3. Document-driven DSS
  4. Knowledge-driven DSS
  5. Model-driven DSS

Post B

DSS Classifications

  • Other DSS Categories
    1. Institutional and ad-hoc DSS
    2. Custom-made systems versus ready-made systems
    3. Personal, group, and organizational support
    4. Individual support system versus group support system (GSS)…

    Post C
    Business ToolsOffer examples and benefits of using Business Performance Management (BPM) and using Six Sigma as a Performance Measurement System.

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