discussion 3349

In this discussion, you will comment on Two of the three main categories of learning and conditioning, as described in Chapter 6 and in class. These are:

1. Classical Conditioning – Basically the same as Associative Learning, and described at the beginning of Chapter 6. This is when we, often unconsciously, make connections between events in the world around us. Key examples are Pavlov’s dog experiments and many everyday events and expectations.

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2. Operant Conditioning – In this version of learning, we associate a desirable behavior with its consequence. This then encourages the behavior because it’s been rewarded or reinforced. For instance, a retail store may pay commission to employees for sales; that is, the more they sell, the more money they earn. Because they are rewarded for selling, they sell more.

3. Observational Learning (Modeling) – Different from the previous two types of learning, observational learning occurs when you observe someone else engaged in a behavior and simply model, imitate it. We learn a lot simply by being around other people.

Choose Two of the above, and describe in 5-8 sentences an example from your own life or something you have observed in your community, family, work, school etc.

In addition to your post, remember to comment on at least Four 4) other posts. If you post your example early this week, you may have to come back later to comment. I think we’ll hear some pretty interesting insights, and I look forward to reading your responses and comments.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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