discussion 3318

1.Perception: What Did You See? Discussion (At least 50 words)

1)View one of the following perception videos from The Invisible Gorilla website by Christopher Chabris & Daniel Simons.

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2) Go the Perception: What did you see? discussion topic, and post a new Thread in which you share the following information:

  • Clearly identify which video you chose and watched.
  • Share your answers to questions in the videos above.
  • Describe how your perception affected what you saw or hear in the videos. Indicate specific aspects.

Listening journal Discussion 2. (At least 100 words)

1)Keep a listening journal for a day, using the following guidelines:

  • During your waking hours, note what you have been listening to each hour of the day.
  • You may have been listening to several different sources or people during the course of an hour. If so, was it primarily a lecture? Were you listening to music or TV? Were you listening to someone during conversation?
  • In addition to noting what you were listening to, evaluate how effectively you listened. Rate your listening on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = not effective, 10 = very effective) for each one-hour interval.

Record your Listening Journal entries so that you can refer to them later in this activity.

2) In your textbook, go to Chapter 5 to learn about the four listening styles (Task, Relational, Analytical, and Critical). Once you familiarize yourself with these four styles, please complete the following exercises located in this download: Click this for chapter scan (from earlier edition of this text)

Chapter 5 Assess Your Skill Assessing Your Listening Style

Record your results to all four survey questions so that you can refer to them later in this activity.

3.)Go the Listening Journal discussion topic, and post a new Thread in which you share the following information:

  • Using the results of your Listening Journal from step 1 above, write a short summary describing what you listened to while you kept your listening journal, how much time you spent listening, and your self-assessment of how effectively you listened during the day.
  • Using the results of your Assessing Your Listening Style self-survey from step 2 above, write a short summary of the implications of your listening style for you and your listening behavior. As you write your summary, consider these questions:
    • Do you have one predominate listening style, or do you have more than one style? What factors might influence why you may have more than one primary listening style?
    • How does your listening style(s) influence your conversations with your friends, family members or others? Does your preferred listening style suggest that you are more comfortable in specific listening situations? Based on your listening style, which listening situations do you sometimes avoid?
    • What are ways you might determine what listening style others may have? How might their verbal or nonverbal behavior give you clues as to their listening style?
    • What are specific listening situations in which it would be useful to adopt a listening style that is not your predominate listening style?
    • Which listening styles might you wish to enhance? What would be advantages to developing greater flexibility in using a variety of listening styles?
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