discussion 3 111

The text broadly describes the illegal form of “hacking” as unauthorized access to computer systems / networks. These attacks may not actually be “hacking” (a purposeful and targeted attack) but may occur through a “worm” or “virus” whose effects overlap those described as illegal hacking (look up the Stuxnet attack on Iran). The “hacking” description covers everything from merely gaining access to a computer system as an act of curiosity to the illegal system hacks that seem to be daily news.

When you are ready to do this chapter’s assignment, email me directly with the subject line “Chapter 3 link” and I will send you a recent link to a news article about illegal access to computer systems. Your assignment is to analyze the events of the successful network attack, the harm done, and what we can learn from the attack, harm, and response for the future.

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Your report on this analysis will be made to the Chapter 3 Discussion area. In your post(s) to the discussion area in fulfillment of this first part of the assignment, you will describe, based on your analysis, the “who, what, where, and why” of the offense:
> to “whom” is the offense attributed or is claiming credit? (if there is no current evidence of who the attacker is, what information do we have about the attacker?)
> what happened in the attack, what harm was done, what was the objective of the attack?
> where did/is the attack? What person, place, or organization was the target of the attack and how effective was the attack?
> finally, why? What is the objective of the hack / attack that occurred – greed, terror, extortion, malice, vandalism, etc?
> what protective, responsive, and investigative actions are coming out of this attack?

After posting your analysis, post substantive questions / responses to at least two other members of the class on these issues.

You will be unable to see the posted comments of your classmates until you have made at least one post in the Discussion Area.

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