Directly address your classmate’s ranking of the nine elements of digital citizenship by either defending or refuting their claims.

Directly address your classmate’s ranking of the nine elements of digital citizenship by either defending or refuting their claims.
Ask additional probing or clarifying questions with regards to your classmate’s rankings and choice of theory.
Share an insight you gained from reading the colleague’s posting and study.
Validate a classmate’s comment swith your own experience

Digital citizenship is an essential skill that we must teach our students for proper learning to occur and for their safety. I have ranked Ribble’s nine elements of digital citizenship (2012) by importance based on my workplace environment. I felt all nine elements were important, however, some got a lower rating because I felt they areas that we already have a good plan in place for. For example, access is at the end, not because it is not important but rather because we are already a 1:1 school with all students getting a Chromebook their freshman year that they are able to take home every night and will keep at the end of their senior year. We have wifi available in our parking lots, so even if school is closed students can still get a connection. We also have wifi available on our school buses for athletes who may be traveling to other towns can still work on homework while on the bus. Digital literacy is also very important but each student is required to take a “Computer Applications” course during their freshman year to learn common tools used in the classroom. Faculty are offered numerous professional development opportunities and support from administration to develop our digital literacy. Despite all of this exposure and support, I feel there is still a long road ahead in regards to how people interact with each other online. Safety for children, including physical, emotional and financial, require direct instruction and role modeling for appropriateness. Some alarming statistics that prove this point include:
Almost a third of 15-year olds admit to having sent a naked photo of themselves at least once
Over a third of 12- to 15-year-olds have seen hateful content directed at a particular group of people in the past year
The number of children counselled by Childline about online bullying has doubled over the past five years
(“Children ‘underprepared’ for digital world, study finds”, 2017)
Continuity in supporting the importance of HOW we communicate online will support social situated cognition (SSC) and therefore support learning in the digital environment (Semin, & Smith, 2013).
1-Digital Etiquette
2-Digital Communication
3-Digital Security (self-protection)
4-Digital Health and Wellness
5-Digital Commerce
6-Digital Literacy
7-Digital Law
8- Digital Rights and Responsibilities
9- Digital Access

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