DHS 4402 Idaho State University Survey of Aging Issues

In order to develop a greater understanding of one person in the geriatric age range you will conduct an interview with a person aged 65-years or older and submit a written summary.  The written summary must be between 3 – 5 pages (12 point readable font, double-spaced line format).  Please include the age and social situation of the person you interview but do not include names or identifying information.   The interview/paper may include (but is not limited to):

1.         The person’s age and social situation.  (Do not use real names.)

2.         The person’s opinion about aging in general (positive aspects, negative aspects).

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3.         The person’s opinion about:

a.         physical changes with aging

b.         mental changes with aging

c.         emotional changes with aging

4.         The person’s opinion about how to “age well”.

5.         The person’s opinion about interactions with medical professionals (positive and/or negative).

6.         The person’s opinions about life and death.

7.         Provide a brief description of what you learned from the person you interviewed and how it may affect your future practice as a health care professional.

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