Developing an Evidenced Based Practice

Question 1. Developing an Evidenced Based Practice

Using the information in chapter 19, how will you go about developing an evidence based practice?

200 word count

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Question 2 SMART Goals Guide

200 word count

(2) references needed

Explore the SMART Goals Guide website.
Discover more about what SMART goals are and how to set your own SMART goals. How can this help in my project . In producing a policy and procedure as to reply to prescription refilled calling the Pharmacy within a 24 hour time

Question 3.
Visualizing SMART Goals

200 word count
2 reference needed

What are SMART Goals

What are your SMART goals and how are they visualized as a “tree” diagram?

Question 4 Nursing Research (Article)

200 word count

1st Reference: Selvaambigai, V. R. (2012). Infusing nursing research into practice for quality care. Nursing Journal of India, 103(2), 77-78.
2nd Reference needed
Read and summarize the article above
How would you apply the information from this article to your change project (introducing a policy and procedure for prescription refill replies with in 24 hour from the time Phramacy called with scheduled follow up visitsand to your role as a nurse administrator?

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