determine why there is high turnover rate in the organization

Sarah has worked for Organization ABC, as the Director of Sales, for eight years. She manages 10 leaders, who each manage teams of 50 employees. Essentially, Sarah is responsible for directing and managing 500 employees with the support of her team managers.

Within the last three months, Sarah and her managers have noticed that morale continues to decrease. In April, 100 employees left the sales team. Unfortunately, 40 of those employees left one team in particular (James’ team). All other teams, apart from James’ team, had employees leave, but James’ team experienced the highest level of turnover ever recorded by Organization ABC.

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Sarah, with the permission of organizational stakeholders, has hired you to determine what is going on. During a one-on-one conversation with Sarah, you are told, “I think James is too tough on his employees. Furthermore, I believe that his leadership skills are subpar.”

Based upon the information provided and the information learned from Sarah, please do the following:

  1. Explain how you would further explore this issue.
  2. What metrics would you utilize? Why?
  3. What factors should influence your use of certain metrics? Explain and justify your rationale.

300 words and references

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