Cultural Implications of Obsessive-Compulsive

Most people have viewed obsession-compulsive disorder as an aspect that is not affected by culture. How a patient explains their problem and how the physician will interpret the disorder can be affected by the cultural background of both. Research has shown that a high level of spirituality has impacted obsession compulsive disorder. It is still unclear the effect of most cultural aspects like religiosity on this disorder because different opinions and views have been given. However, the knowledge of religion is applied in the treatment and diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The norms and beliefs of the society, how the disease is explained by society, cultural interpretation, and the relationship between the physician and the patient are some of the domains that determine the treatment of the obsessive-compulsive disorder. The perception of the influence of cultural beliefs on OCD is different from one country to the other. Age and religion are other societal factors that are believed to be decisive when it comes to obsession compulsive disorder (Yang et al., 2018).

Cultural Implications of Related Disorder

People with related disorders isolate themselves because they are psychologically affected. If those people are not taken care of, they might become insane. It is therefore the responsibility of society to ensure that they take care of these people. When a person is psychologically hurt, it is difficult to reason and therefore they require people to look after them. They need to be continually encouraged and given hope and therefore the members of the society need to take a step and provide help. Society is pivotal when it comes to the treatment of related disorders because one way is the use of therapy and this involves talking to the patient consistently (Spence & Rapee., 2016). Society can provide solutions for most disorders and this is by creating an enabling environment. By doing this, the patient can have hope to live and they can be able to accept who they are. Encouraging the victims, it will help reduce the cases of individuals with the disorder and it will help those who have it have reasons to live.

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Models of Abnormality

Abnormality is behavior that is not ordinary and it is when an individual way of functioning is impaired. It is when an individual gets out of the normal behavior of society. The situations are well explained in the models of psychology. Psychological abnormalities’ nature is well described by the models of abnormality. They are four models of abnormality but in this case, we will describe the two of them that are related to the topic. They include the cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, and biological models. The biological model states that to control the psychological processes all physical beings, the brain, biochemicals related, and neuroanatomy work together. It also states that mental abnormality is biological or physically treated. It also suggests that all physiological diseases should be treated as physical diseases through medication or surgery. The biological model consists of physical stress, chemical imbalance, genetics, and the nervous system function (Becker et al., 2018). The biological model states that when it is proven that the abnormality is a mental illness then it is not the responsibility of the individual. People are fearful of mental illness because they term it as dangerous when a person is diagnosed with it.

The behavioral model states that generally individual’s behavior is gotten from the environment they relate with. This model can be controlled by first identifying the environment of the individual that causes the abnormal behavior. The solution to this illness is bringing another stimulus and relating it to the first stimulus to provoke a new behavior based on the new stimulus. The model allows all the cultural and individual differences to be accounted for. It states that if the behavior is not affecting another person negatively then it is not regarded as an abnormality (Becker et al., 2018). There is a criticism that the behavioral model only focuses on the behavior rather than the main cause of the disorder. They claim that when a behavior is treated as a symptom, it can be a problem in another way so it is good to treat the cause not the symptoms to prevent it from reoccurring.

The cognitive model is about the malfunction of thought and deficiency in cognitive behavior. In other words, a person who has cognitive abnormality is unable to reason and plan well. This abnormality affects memory and perception and therefore it is hard to solve problems in life. Cognitive behavior is based on how the mind responds to situations and thus having a cognitive disorder will impact the thinking process. The brain is unable to function well and therefore it becomes a challenge for the person to perform well in education and also solve life problems. treatment of cognitive abnormal behavior involves training the patient on how to modify their thinking process. This is because the problem with the individual is not the behavior but the thinking process. Cognitive treatment is the same as behavioral treatment but in cognitive therapy, the psychiatrists help the individual to accept who they are and try to think positively about who they are. Although the patient might not change completely, cognitive therapy helps in improving the status of the individual (Becker et al., 2018).

In conclusion abnormality in psychology is based on abnormal behavior and psychopathology. In this discussion, several conditions and how they can be addressed including anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and related disorder have been explained. The study has also explained how these disorders are impacted by cultural factors and how society can help the remedies surrounding them. From the study, it is evident that people with disorders in society need to be handled with care so that they can learn how to survive by accepting and appreciating who they are.

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