critique discussion below wk3 bl

I think that social media could have an impact on your work as investigator. Just like it has been known for years now that Police Enforcement agencies are using social media as an investigating tool, an investigators social media could also be used as a tool to discredit the investigator. Recently the New Times reported that 62 border patrol agents were being investigated for belonging to a secret Facebook group. It was also reported that this group contained several obscene postings of Hispanic lawmakers and also included threats to members of congress [1]. Another scenario to discredit an investigator could be during cross-examination. Forensic examiners being presented in courts are usually the ones that have the most knowledge, experience and has certifications that all gear towards giving the most credibility to the investigator. Social media could be used by the defense during cross examination in an attempt to discredit the investigator [2]. Everything shared on social media can be used to discredit the investigator and place doubt in the minds of the jury.

Social media could have an impact on your work but could also have an impact on your no getting a job in the first place. has written several articles about recruiters using social media, looking for things such as past performance, volunteer work or work experience [3]. If social media is found that shed a negative light on you, it could easily mean the difference between getting a job or not getting a job.

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The same way social media accounts can be used to assist you with many things, social media should also be looked at as a tool that, if used in the wrong way, could also cause more harm than damage. Being aware of how social media can be used will help you understand how and when it should be used and ultimately could provide you with an edge.

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