critical reflection paper foundations of health studies ii 1

A critical reflective paper on intersectionality and health – using your own experience as the basis for reflection and analysis.

1. Read the article Racism impacts your health by Roberta Timothy:…
2. Write a 800-1000 words reflective paper on your own interactions with the health care system in relation to your own identity. The paper will have 4 parts:
Part 1: Begin with your own reflection on the article above. What stood out to you? What made you mad/uncomfortable/sad/wanting to know more? Did anything sound familiar? Not familiar?
Part 2: Describe on your own intersecting identity – only disclose what you feel safe / comfortable disclosing.
Part 3: Describe an interaction with the health care system that was informed by your identity. Have you experienced barriers? They can be minor or significant. How did you experience this in relation to your identity? Maybe you reflect on not experiencing barriers and tie that to your own privilege that comes from your identity.
Part 4: Like Timothy does at the end of her article, can you explore an idea that might dismantle barriers to health that you experienced? If your paper is a reflection on ways you have not experienced barriers, can you explore an idea that might make the health system more inclusive for all, allowing for the same access you experience?

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when you writing a personal exp, write as an Asian!

See also… for the expansive way we can think about health, inequities and intersectionality.

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