An active discussion is the key to an interesting and engaging online course. Discussion in this course is designed to simulate a classroom discussion. As others join in the discussion, you should read what has already been posted and add substantively to the discussion.

The modules in this course are one week. Time goes quickly, so post early! Get in the habit of checking the discussions as often as you can to see what others have posted and to respond. Waiting until the last day to post means you miss out on learning from your peers, and they miss out on learning from you.

Please think about each of the following questions and respond not only to the question but also to what others are saying. The first question is opinion-based so that you can begin the discussion immediately without having completed all of your readings. As you progress, you will need to meaningfully apply the readings, using APA 6 formatting for any citations.

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Understanding the behavior change model is imperative to creating physical activity programs, even your own. This activity will act to give you a higher level of comprehension of the complicated theories through application. To start, you will watch two short videos that will aid you in suggesting healthy behavior changes for Natalia and her Aunt Lea.

Films Media Group. (1998). Promoting healthy behavior (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. [H.264]. [3:45] 2009). Piano Staircase (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. [01:48 min].
You are employed at an outpatient clinic that provides care to persons who are uninsured and underinsured. The vast majority of clients are Spanish-speaking. Natalia, a 13-year-old Hispanic female, is brought to the clinic for the first time by her Aunt Lea. Her aunt has full legal guardianship since Natalia’s mother died from cancer several years ago. Natalia is fairly proficient in English, but her aunt speaks only minimal English. Using an interpreter, Aunt Lea has expressed concern about Natalia’s weight. She has gained 18 pounds over the past six months. Aunt Lea is concerned that Natalia will continue to gain weight. Natalia watches TV in all of her spare time, and resists any efforts to engage her in physical activity, even chores around the apartment.

The family lives in an inner city development complex, and Aunt Lea worries about the unsafe conditions, particularly the high crime rate, in the community. The family uses all of its income for necessities (food, shelter, and clothing) and has little left for other endeavors.

Based on the videos and your opinion:

Why do you believe some people engage in physical activity and others do not? Which of these reasons might apply to Natalia?
Now let’s apply your readings for the remainder of the module, using APA 6 formatting for your references

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