Conversational Model of Learning in Program Development Alignment with learning outcome

Conversational Model of Learning in Program Development Alignment with learning outcome(s):

? �discuss the theoretical underpinnings related to developing an education program;

? �explore principles used in designing program content;

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? �explain the principles of planning cost effective education programs;
Details of task: Teaching and learning frameworks provide a structure on which to develop and implement a curriculum. The framework used must align with the learning theories on which the curriculum is based.
The Conversational Framework provides a structured approach to curriculum development and implementation that is underpinned by the teaching and learning theories that support active learning in professional education programs.
In this assignment you need to:

? �Discuss the theories of learning that underpin the Conversational Framework.

? �Explain the principles on which the Conversational Framework is based and how these can be used to guide program
development for in-service nursing education.

? �Apply these principles to the curriculum development process for the education program you are developing

?�Justify the use of a Conversational Framework related to your learner cohort characteristics, clinical learning environment, mode of
course offering and education program.

This assignment will be marked according to a range of criteria, including:

? structure and organisation of the discussion

? content, including synthesis and analysis of the key concepts

? use of appropriate reference material

? presentation � including 2 different types of multimedia examples that need to be imbedded into the discussion and accessible by
one clicks on a URL.

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