comprehensive literature review


For this Assignment, you will construct a comprehensive literature review and identify the theoretical foundation or framework for the DNP Project. This is Section II of your DNP Project proposal. Submit a document that includes:

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  1. a description of the conceptual or theoretical framework for your Project;
  2. the rationale for why this theory or model is an appropriate choice for your Project;
  3. a description of how the theoretical model sets the foundation for your unique DNP Project; and
  4. A comprehensive literature review that supports your project.

The content for the theoretical foundation or framework for the Project should include:

  • Appraisal of relevant evidence
  • Review and critique of relevant theory-based literature

Before you construct your literature review, review these scholarly writing resources in the Writing Center:

  • Web Research Guidelines
  • Online Research Resources
  • Research Writing II: Finding and Evaluating Resources Research Sources for Credibility
  • Writing a Literature Review

Follow these steps to gather relevant, valid literature for your DNP Project proposal literature review. Note you must document your search strategies and summaries of literature selected.

  1. Based on the problem statement you developed, devise a search strategy (i.e., select databases, identify keywords, etc.).
  2. Search for, identify, and retrieve source materials to support your inquiry (minimum of 10 sources; you may want to begin your search in the Cochrane Library database, available through the Library).
  3. Document your search decisions and actions in detail. This will be an important document for the dissemination of the results and recommendations of your completed DNP Project.
  4. Critique and evaluate the studies by comparing and contrasting studies and identifying key concepts in each.
  5. After your literature review, based on what you have found so far, think about what your next steps are. For example, what do you still need to find out about the topic? What did you learn about this topic so far? Identify any new databases, references, or leads you plan to use next.

Grading rubric attached and the work Ive been working on so you can integrate the framework with this work.

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