ci sectors amp ssa national planning scenarios

Part 1:

In 600 words or more complete the following for this assignment:

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  • Select 2 levels of government (Federal, State, Local, Territorial, or Tribal (SLTT)) and compare and contrast the recommended roles, functions, and responsibilities of each.
    • Conduct a review of the information provided in the National Response Framework (NRF), the Critical Infrastructure (CI) Annex, and the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP).
    • For which of your selected levels of government does your analysis indicate that the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) guidance is better developed? Explain your response.
  • Based upon your subjective analysis from the above listed levels of government, which level requires the most improvement in terms of CIP guidance and direction? Why?
  • How would you improve the direction and guidance for that level? Explain your response.

Part 2: (can be extended without an issue as it is seperate from part 1)

You are the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Officer in the Plans Directorate of your County Emergency Management Agency. Your county commissioners have decided, based on continuing economic factors and other municipality-level constraints, that the county may be better suited to orchestrate and implement the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) better than the municipalities.

The paucity of available and full-time assets in the municipalities will simply not support successful implementation of this national-level plan. Based on your education and training, the county Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) has selected you to oversee, orchestrate, and synchronize the efforts of all associated stakeholders in meeting the six objectives in the NIPP. The county EMC would like this product in the form of a strategy (e.g., short and broad but addressing the key tenets) and the objectives stated in the NIPP.

He does not seek the intricate details that are normally associated with a program or plan; rather, he wants an overarching document that provides the affected stakeholders (e.g., owners or operators of Critical Infrastructure (CI), associated first responders, elected officials, and other public safety officials) with a strategy for protecting the county’s CI. He specifically wants the strategy to include a vision, goal, what needs to be accomplished, how you intend to accomplish each objective, and the resources that you intend to use to enable this strategy.

Using what you have learned thus far from the statutory, directive, plan references, and any dialogue with your colleagues, develop a County Strategy for Critical Infrastructure Protection that includes the specified tasks directed by your County EMC. Your only constraint is that this is not intended to be the intricate detailed plan for executing each implied task associated with critical infrastructure protection. It is meant to provide a reader with a general sense of background, purpose, tasks to be performed, and a conceptual framework of how you intend to execute the county responsibilities for successful completion of all specified and implied tasks.

Assignment Details

Address the following in a strategy document of 3 or so pages:

  • In your county CIP strategy, include the following components:
    • Vision
    • Goal
    • What needs to be accomplished
    • How you intend to accomplish each objective
    • The resources that you intend to use to enable this strategy
  • How will you synchronize the efforts of all associated stakeholders in meeting the six objectives in the NIPP? Explain in detail.
  • Remember to be specific and detailed in your county CIP strategy.
  • This is a formal report that you are submitting for approval, so be sure to utilize the correct format.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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