choose a model of disability please choose one model of disability and a specific disability based on the principles of the model you chose how would a person with the disability you chose be viewed and treated

Please choose one model of disability and a specific disability. Based on the principles of the model you chose how would a person with the disability you chose be viewed and treated?—– an example of what it should look like is as follows-

The Model of Disability that I chose is the Empowering Model of Disability, and the specific disability I chose is the Psychological Disorder, Anxiety. Anxiety is a disorder where people suffer from excessive and persistent fear, worry, and related behavioral disturbances. Fear is an emotional response to a threat, whereas anxiety is the anticipation that a future treatment may occur. There are several different types of Anxiety Disorders such as:

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Excessive worry about everyday events.

Agoraphobia – Fear of public places.

Social Anxiety Disorder- Fear of being watched or judged.

Specific Phobia- Fear of specific things like snakes spiders, heights, elevators, etc.

Panic Disorder- Panic attacks that happen out of the blue, for no particular reason.

Separation Anxiety Disorder- Fear of being separated from particular attachments (spouses, siblings, children, parents, etc.) (Cherry, 2019).

The Empowering Model of Disability allows a person with a disability, and their family, to decide which type of treatment they wish to benefit from. Based on the decision, the professional service provider will provide assistance based on the client’s wishes. This model “empowers” the individual to pursue their goals, based on their exact needs, and not the provider’s demands (Disabled World, 2017). I feel that a person suffering from Anxiety Disorder can benefit from this Model of Disability because; they can create a therapy that they are aware of and comfortable. Anxiety is the fear of the unknown, so this model gives them a way to know what to expect and work on their disability at their own pace.


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