chapter 5 internet exercise haier s approach

  • Haier is a China-based multinational corporation that sells a wide variety of commercial and household appliances in the international marketplace. These range from washers, dryers, and refrigerators to industrial heating and ventilation systems. Visit and read about some of the latest developments in which the company is engaged:
    1. What type of cultural challenges does Haier face when it attempts to market its products worldwide? Is demand universal for all these offerings, or is there a “national responsiveness” challenge, as discussed in the chapter, that must be addressed?
    2. Investigate the way in which Haier has adapted its products in different countries and regions, especially emerging markets. What are some examples?
    3. In managing its far-flung enterprise, what are two cultural challenges that the company is likely to face and what will it need to do to respond to these?

    Source: Chapter 5 Internet Exercise: Haier’s Approach (International Management – Luthans & Doh)

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