capital metrics or key performance

Please make sure all answers are original and not plagarized. Question 1 is a worksheet follow instructions. Question 2 needs to be answered in apa format and total word count is 300 words. Please be sure to cite source and make sue they are scholarly sources other than the book.

1.Here is the link to the page where you can download the worksheet for Unit 1 Discuss. Please upload the form to the Drop Box by Wednesday evening. (You will need to cut and paste the link into your browser.) This will be part of your grade.

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2.Consider your current or most recent employer. Does the organization employ any human capital metrics or key performance indicators? Which metrics/key performance indicators are used? How are the metrics appropriate in relation to the organization’s strategy? If you feel the metrics are not appropriate, suggest some appropriate human capital metrics or key performance indicators given the organization’s strategy. Remember: the APA worksheet must also be uploaded and is part of your grade. (Federal Express International -job)

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