assignment paper 2 conceptualization of a supervision case

Part 1

compose a paper based on a fictitious case in supervision that you conceptualize in your preferred supervision model to present to the group. Be sure to change details that could identify any actual clients on whom your case may be based.

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Note: Although you do not need to submit this paper until Day 7 of Week 11, it is important that you complete the assignment before leaving for the in-residence component (Week 10), as you will be giving an oral presentation based on the paper while in-residence.

Include a brief description of the case (3–5 pages) that includes the following supervision information, on which you will be evaluated (see rubric):

  • Provide relevant information (generic, no real names) that identifies client
  • Describe supervisee’s level of experience
  • Identify theoretical supervision model used
    Integrative/competency-based supervision
  • Describe how you structured the supervisory feedback session with supervisee
  • Provide clear case conceptualization
  • Address session content (and process, if this is family therapy)
  • Relay any useful feedback that you provided to supervisee
  • Relay that you encouraged questions from supervisee to you
  • Illustrate that you maintained focus
  • Describe being supportive of supervisee
  • Describe how you gently challenged supervisee
  • Illustrate that you watched out for client(s)
  • Describe how you were multiculturally responsive
  • Describe how you encouraged feedback on yourself as supervisor
  • Describe how you focused on supervisee’s behavior
  • Describe how you provided suggestions to supervisee
  • Illustrate how you maintained flexibility
  • Describe how you assisted supervisee with goal definition
  • Demonstrate that you conveyed respect of supervisee and client(s)
  • Identify and address any ethical/legal issues

The paper should be in correct APA format (1-inch margins, 12-point font) and should include relevant citations and references that are listed in hanging, indented format.

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