application requirements document

Hooli, is an international corporation headquartered in Silicon Valley. Hooli offers a range of products from hardware such as phones and tablets, to internet applications such as email, office apps, and search. Hooli makes the bulk of its revenue from advertising, but has revenue streams from the other branches as well.

Hooli offers customer support for their global customer base. A customer can choose to contact Hooli’s customer support via email, phone, or chat. Depending on the service or product the customer needs help with, as well as their country and language, the customer will be directed by the help system to a specific queue.

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Customer service agents that are signed into queues matching their product expertise and language can help customers directed to those queues.

Call center operation managers manage groups of customer service agents and need to be able to plan for number of agents at any given time to be able to service customers in a timely manner. In order to react to real-time situations such as call center volume spikes, operation managers need to have better insight into the queues and workforce they are managing.

The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to write a fairly complete and precise requirements specification, which is a critical step in developing a large software system. Completing this assignment will give you experience in one of the most interesting and difficult software engineering tasks.

This assignment is to write a software requirements document for the Hooli Help Dashboard, an internal tool to help operation managers to gain visibility into the help system in real time.

The details of the requirements should be elicited by client interviews during lecture (listen to this:…). Two of our staff will act as customers. Your document should be based solely on the information discussed in these interviews. Do not add any requirements other than what was discussed in these interviews.

The deliverable is an electronic PDF copy due by the due date.

We provide a template Word document with which you should start (the file I uploaded as Requirements Document Template (1).docx). Your requirements specification should contain all of the sections contained in this template. There are also some sample docs in the Files.

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