answer the question based on the reading files

Note: When responding to the questions below, indicate source and page #s where you found your answers. Include quotes (cited) as support. You don’t need to write too much for each question. Just write down brief answer and quotes which pages you found the answer.


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Who was Confucius (why/how should we remember him)? When did he live? What were his major concerns? *

Who was Mencius (why/how should he remember him)? When did he live? What were his major concerns? What is The Mencius? *

Who was Zhu Xi (why/how should we remember him)? When did he live? What were his major concerns? *

What does Mencius mean by ren, or humaneness? Yi, or rightness? Can you give some examples?

What is remonstrance? Who performs remonstrance? How and when? *

What are Mencius’s opinions of human nature and what it means to be a good person? What is the relationship between human nature and the Way?

What does good governance look like, according to Mencius? What are the duties of the educated elite? What is the purpose of education and what does education entail? *

What relationship does Mencius lay out between the family, the state, and the empire? Zhu Xi in the Great Learning? What are its steps and to what do they lead? *

Consider the ideas early Chosŏn period intellectuals adapted to its political system when answering the following questions? What kinds of advice did early Choson thinkers give to various kings? For Chŏng Tojŏn, what function(s) does the prime minister perform?

What is the Kingly Way? Why is the King’s moral stature important? Who does the King need for good governance? *

What is the Superior Man and Inferior Man?

What is Sage Learning?

Any questions you have that were not addressed by discussion?

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