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In Week 3, you identified a health issue in your community.  Chapter 5 in the textbook talks about social marketing which involves identifying a target audience in your community and analyzing external and internal factors that contribute to behaviors leading to the health issue.

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You are developing a program to get young adults in the community to avoid unsafe behavior that contribute to the health issue in the community.  These may involve:  alcohol and drug use, tobacco use, binge drinking, unhealthy dietary behavior leading to obesity, inadequate physical activity, behaviors that lead to unintentional injury and violence, sexual behaviors that lead to pregnancy or STDs/HIV, or texting while driving.

1.  Use the references below or other resources and identify one unsafe behavior.  Cite data, findings, and prevalence rates that you learned from these resources.  Relate it to the health issue you identified in your community.

2.  What desirable behavior would you want your target audience to adopt?   From the target population’s perspective, what is competing with the adoption of the recommended behavior?  Who are the organizations or individuals sending competing messages?

3.  What are the perceived benefits and barriers to the desirable behavior?   What interventions would enable the youth to engage in desirable behaviors?   What promotional tools would you use to communicate the message about the benefits of engaging in the safe behavior?

My neighborhood is (District 5 Ridgewood and Maspeth) Top cause of premature death is cancer. In New York City as a whole, there is 46.2% of cancer patients in this district.

My topic is Cancer.

More info: Some factors that may contribute to cancerous cells and are not hereditary are



Ionizing radiation.

Certain chemicals and other substances.

Some viruses and bacteria.

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