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This week, you learned about the ethical issues in health care, and how it relates to Risk Management programs. This topic could be an entire course by itself, but we kept it more of an introduction. For this assignment, we are going to dive a little deeper into a current topic of gender identity, and the impact that it has on health care delivery.

You are the risk manager of a local hospital looking at how to deliver health care services in a way that respects the patient, and their right to choose their gender identity. How will you structure a team, what stakeholders need to be involved and why? (think about the potential impact from the time that the patient registers in the system to the time that services are rendered and they are discharged). Once you discuss the structure of the team, identify some of the issues that need to be considered. Finally, make sure to describe your role as the risk manager in the ongoing management of the resolutions that your team has created.

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Use 2 external sources other than your text and the article provided to support your work.

Your submission should be 500-700 words.

Please submit an APA formatted Word document with the following information to this Dropbox by the designated deadline:

  • Title Page
  • Running header
  • Properly formatted reference section
  • Please see the sample paper to understand how your submission should be formatted
  • Save your document as hsa4502_MOD4_last name. Example: hsa4502_MOD4_smith.
  • View Assignment Rubric
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