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Stock Market and Derivatives

Why do investors buy and sell derivatives rather than the underlying assets? What is the difference between hedging and speculating?

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Your initial post must be in your own words, be a minimum of 450 words in length, and be supported with a reference. Forum Instructions

Students must post a main response to the weekly discussion question by Day 3, and at least two replies to other students by Day 7. Active participation is required by replying to classmates during the week of discussion. Therefore, replies after the end of the each week will not be graded. The forums are for student interaction and submitting input after the end of the week serves no learning objectives and does not constitute as participation. Students should demonstrate their own knowledge in the forums and avoid copying and pasting from web sites. Responses will be graded directly from the Forums.

Make sure you are using credible sources in your discussions and assignments. Scholarly journals are the preferred source of credible/quality references. These consist of peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals related to the field, which are found via our Library. Websites such as Investopedia, ask.com, answers.com, or dictionary-type of websites limit the insight to the topics. Wikipedia is not acceptable as it is not a reliable or credible source of reference. The purpose is to bring in new information and how does it apply to our topic from a real-world perspective, instead of extending on definitions that are found in the book.

More information what a credible source consists of can be found here: http://writingcommons.org/evidence/supporting-sources/630-what-might-be-a-more-credible-reliable-source.

Forum 3 – Federalism View Full Description

Explain the concept of fiscal federalism in your own words (drawing from the literature and using citations where necessary) and critically evaluate its application in the United States today. As you develop your points, make sure you answer why this arrangement makes sense from a strictly economic point of view. Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages in your considered view? Elaborate on at least three or four points from the list of advantages and disadvantages provided in the lesson. Supplement them with at least two additional points you draw from your supplementary and independent reading this week. Select examples from local or state governments to support your arguments wherever possible.

Week Three Discussion Forum

Respond to the following question:

Are brand extensions an important brand-growth strategy or can they endanger brands?

Week Eight Forum

Price, the Only Revenue Generator 18 unread of 18 messagesView Full Description

Answer two of the three forum questions, listed below.

1. Identify an example of each of the following: odd-even pricing, prestige pricing, price bundling, and captive pricing. Ch 15

2. Which pricing strategies have you noticed when you shop? Ch 15

3. What new products have you purchased in the last two years that were priced using either a penetration or a skimming approach? Ch 15

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