3 pages assignment 4

Building Domain-Specific Expertise

Part two is a three-page assignment. This is a separate assignment from part 1, and you don’t need to include part 1 here. In part 3, you’ll use part 1 again. (I uploaded the part 1 for you, just in case)

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For part 2, you’ll start by choosing one domain (biosocial, cognitive, or psychosocial) on which you’ll focus this part of your paper. Read the article for the domain that you’ve chosen:

1. Biosocial Development Reading for Paper Part 2 (I uploaded it)

2. Cognitive Development Reading for Paper Part 2 (I uploaded it)

3. Psychosocial Development Reading for Paper Part 2 (I uploaded it)

1. In your first sentence, state clearly what domain you’ve chosen as your focal point for this assignment. In 1-2 sentences, let us know why you chose to focus on this domain. Then, summarize 3 main points from the reading. For each of these points, explain in 2-3 sentences why it is important to consider this point when designing early childhood education programs (10 points).

2. Apply the reading to the issue at hand (10 points): Based on the additional article that you’ve read, how should early childhood education support development in the domain that you’ve chosen? Using each of the three main points from your summary in paragraph 1, show us three specific examples (i.e., one example for each main point) of how early childhood educators should support development in their work with young children. What should their interactions with young children look like? What kinds of environments should they create/provide? In 1-2 concluding sentences, explain which of the approaches to early childhood education discussed in the textbook (chapter 9) would allow teachers to effectively implement the practices that you’re recommending.

3. For the rest of your three-page limit, brainstorm additional considerations that are important in designing early childhood education to support development in this domain (7 points). What is important to consider that hasn’t been addressed in your readings so far? Why? What evidence do you have to support your claims?

Evaluation criteria: Summarize 3 major points of the additional reading that you’ve chosen (biosocial, cognitive, or psychosocial; 10 points). Using your 3 major points, show us how early childhood educators should support development in this domain based on the evidence from your additional reading, including what approach to early childhood education best supports this (10 points). Write a third paragraph explaining why at least two additional considerations are important (7 points).

Make sure you continue to include an APA-style reference list and title page. Make any necessary adjustments from part 1, and add your new (“chosen”) reading from this assignment. As usual, you’re following APA style guidelines for the whole paper. Your reference list and title page do not count toward the page limit. Your reference list should now include 4 total references (2 news articles, your chosen paper in part 2, and your textbook). Papers that exceed the stated page limit will receive a deduction in the style section of the rubric (3 points). Do not submit part one of the paper, here, which you’ll use again for part three.

And here is the link for textbook, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MFZlfF4lagCf0e-lO…

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