3 mba marketing discussion posts

3 MBA Marketing Discussion Posts. Each should be 300-400 words.

Must be Graduate (MBA) level work

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Must be native English.

2 academic sources per post, with proper APA Formatting.

1. In Advertising’s New Medium: Human Experience by J.F. Rayport, he discusses the four spheres of human experience (The Public Sphere, The Social Sphere, The Tribal Sphere, and the Psychological Sphere) as a way of better structuring advertising to reach your target market.

Discuss the implications of each of these spheres and how they would affect a company like Starbucks or Apple. Provide qualitative data that supports your response.

2. What type of psychological research has contributed to the field of consumer behavior in respect of marketing? Select a company that you are familiar with and apply at least one of these concepts in your response. Provide qualitative data that supports your response.

3. Discuss how companies differentiate and position their products for maximum competitive advantage. Next, select an industry you are familiar with and at least five companies in this industry. Next, create a two dimensional positioning map that shows consumer perceptions of the five competing companies/brands on important buying dimensions.

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