2 short essay 1

Be detailed and analytical in your response. Give examples to support your comments. My advice is to spend about 25 minutes per question, since the test is 50 minutes long. Make sure that you “Save” each question and click “Finish” when you are done.

1. In his essay, King gives several reasons we like to watch horror movies (dare the nightmare, show we aren’t afraid, ride the roller coaster, re-establish normality, have fun, and fed the gators in our heads). Apply his ideas to the speaker of the poem “Transylvanian.” How does she feel about “Dracula love” and why?

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2 Choose either “The Demon Lover” or “The Black Cat” as your example and explain what makes that story part of the Gothic tradition.


Before you submit the quiz, you will have the opportunity to return to questions that you may have missed or have not yet answered.

Once the allocated time period that was set for this quiz expires, you are required to submit your quiz responses.


200-400 words total

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