2 page mla format double space

Please take look at this short article provided below on food desert and write a 500 word essay


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(500 words). This assignment involves two basic tasks:
ï‚· summarizing the writer’s position in the assigned essay; ï‚· synthesizing—pulling together, organizing—your own personal responses to the essay with 2-3 of your peers’ responses.
The summary should constitute roughly 1/3 of your paper and include some direct quotation. Synthesis and discussion of your own and 2-3 of your classmates’ responses to the text should constitute roughly 2/3 of your paper and include summary, paraphrase and quotation.

Classmate response:

1. Being in a small community that have desert food; consumers don’t have control over the rates that sellers due to low market area.

2.maybe cut money they normally spend at food deserts for travel to grocery store to acquire healthier food.

3.society is more focus on advertisement on unhealthy food.

4. Kids eating unhealthy food don’t gain enough nutrition the brain needs to focus well in school.

Please add these value points that my classmate use as their response.

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