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I have always been taught that ethical behavior is doing the right thing, even when no one else is around to witness it. It is choosing to not lie, cheat, steal or hurt others, but it is also stepping up to intervene when you are a witness to wrongdoing.

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According to Netting, O’Conner, and Fauri “Given different ways of viewing ethics, it is important for the planner to consider an ethical framework built on critical thinking to aid in determining what constitutes ethical conduct “(2008). There are always going to be issued with ethics when it comes to dealing with people. The first issue many will face is the fact that everyone has a different standard when it comes to ethics. Some have had formal training and understand the importance of this topic. Where others have no clue what this phrase even means. Some individuals understand that ethics is very important and it should be followed at all times where others don’t care about certain issues until it actually affects them.

The only way to address this issue is to give clear and concise instructions at the beginning of the research. It would be beneficial to let the participants know that it is important to be truthful in all answers. You can then only ask the information given is truthful.


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