1 page assignment 12

This assignment has three parts.

The first link is a 4 minute video about the filtration mechanism of the kidneys. Watch the video then write a one-page summary about how the kidneys function in controlling ion concentration, water levels, and nutrient absorption. https://www.biointeractive.org/classroom-resources/kidney-function

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The next link describes signs and symptoms of a patient and it is your job to find out how they died. Try to solve at least four cases. https://www.le.ac.uk/pa/teach/va/titlpag1.html

The final link is an open-heart surgery lab. Test your hand to see if you have what it takes to lead a surgical team during this interactive procedure. http://www.abc.net.au/science/lcs/heart.htm

Make sure to screenshot the results and upload them onto the word document.

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